How To Interview A Realtor With Real Estate Questions

It is very important that you choose your real estate agent wisely and correctly. The customers who are smart choose their real estate agent very, very carefully. Before you choose a real estate agent for you, you should interview them thoroughly to know how good they are at their work. You should list down various agents and talk to all of them to find the best one. Know that it is wrong when the real estate agent doesn’t question you about your basic needs in the house and in generally doesn’t question you about anything else or doesn’t suggest you things. That can be a sign that he is extremely disinterested in his work and it clearly indicates that you shouldn’t hire him.

It is very important to be tactic and smart while asking questions to the real estate agent. Here are some of the questions that you must ask the agent to know if he is efficient or not.

  • The very first question is how long has he been in this business now. If he is been in the business for quite a few years then he would have more experience than the one who has just joined. But the time in the business doesn’t decide if the real estate agent is the best or not because even though he has been in the business for 15 years yet he might not be good at his work and the one who has just entered the business might be really good at his work.
  • The second question should be about his marketing plan or strategy. As a buyer you should know about how will he be looking for your house, how many houses will he showcase in front of you, will he be focusing on many customers at same time, does he make his plans by himself or somebody guards over him? And as a seller you will want to know things like his strategies to sell your house, if or if not will he advertise about the house on flyer, will he adopt the technique of online marketing, will he market your house online?
  • The next best question to ask him is something that every interviewee is asked at least once in his lifetime whether why should he be chosen out of all the other people. Ask him what are the 5 best things that can separate him from the rest of the crowd? This is very important to know as you can see his confidence from his answer for this question. Also then it will be easier for you to choose.
  • You have to ask him about the documents that he will be giving you to for signature. You have to ask him if he will give you the documents beforehand to review and analyse before he asks for a signature on them. This will help you to be completely sure of what he has written in the contract and what you are going for.
  • How much do you charge or what is your fee? Is the next important question that you should ask the person who is looking for a flat for sale in Bangalore or a flat to rent in Mumbai for you. It is important to know how much he is expecting as the payment for the deal.

A real estate agent is the main person who leads you towards your dream home. Hence you should choose that person wisely and correctly and these questions are the best way to do that.

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