Kidney Transplant Procedure Low Cost In India

The kidneys filter the blood and remove the waste from it. Many people, who lose their kidney functions, face a life-threatening situation. The toxic build up in the blood can pose a threat to their life. We call this the end stage kidney disease.


Treatment options for patients

These people can use one of the two options. One is to use a kidney dialysis machine on a regular basis. Two, get a new kidney from a living or dead donor. These donors are classified into two groups – Brain dead Donors (BD) and Cardiac Arrest Donors (CDC). When you consider using the kidney from a donor, you must ensure you satisfy the following conditions:

Conditions for a successful transplant

Do not have any of the following medical conditions:

  • Diseases of the heart, liver, lung
  • TB or osteomyelitis
  • Active hepatitis
  • Any life-threatening diseases
  • Difficulty taking medication daily
  • Smoking, alcohol, or other habits
  • Previous instance of cancer

Similarly, the donors must someone from their immediate family in the case of living donors or those who willed their organs up on their death in the case of dead donors.

India has lots of hospitals where one may have the kidney transplant done. Since the infrastructural facility is excellent, many foreigners do their medical treatment in India. Another reason is the low cost. The cost of kidney transplant in India is one fifth to one-tenth the cost in advanced countries such as the US or the UK.

Benefits of doing the kidney transplant

As the progress in technology advances to new frontiers, the advantages pass on to the patients undergoing treatment. Here is a look at some of the plus points in the use of technology in getting the kidney transplant done.

  • Patient has better energy levels
  • Easier to detect rejection so we can reverse it faster and functions of the new kidney is preserved
  • Kidneys from a living donor have better chances than those from dead donors
  • You no longer need to spend your time and energy on dialysis
  • The patient is off the critical list
  • The survival rate is almost 80%
  • Quality of life improves

Different ways for removing the kidney

You have two ways to remove the old one and get a new kidney. One is the Laparoscopic Nephrectomy and the other is Open Nephrectomy. In the Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, the surgeon makes three to four incisions in the abdominal region. The patient is under sedation using a general anaesthetic. Surgical instruments detach the kidney and it is put in a bag. You have instruments to ligate the blood vessels. This process is useful for removing a diseased or cancerous kidney.

In the Open Nephrectomy, the donor is given general anaesthesia and an incision is made in the abdominal region. This cuts through several layers of muscle. The blood vessels are cut and clamped prior to the removal of the kidney.

Cost of the transplant

The cost of the laparoscopic kidney transplant in India is Rs 4,00,000 compared to Rs18,00,000 in the US. The breakup of the costs is like this:

Initial testing for the matching donor and recipient: Rs 60,000

Doctor check-up and miscellaneous expenses: Rs 70,000

Surgery cost: Rs 1,00,000

ICU and medicines: Rs 2,50,000

Total cost: Rs 4,80,000

To know more about the kidney transplant cost in India, you should visit the website of the hospital. The physician will advise you on what to do and what not to do for both the donor and the recipient.

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