Things That Must Be Available In The Hospitals


  • EKG machines:

EKG machines are the electrocardiogram machines and they are used to monitor your heart condition. It is based on the display and different types of wires which are attached to various parts of the body. It is used to monitor the electrical activity of your heart and can be very useful with the patients having heart problems. This is one of the machines that must be present in every hospital.


  • Electrosurgical units:

During a surgery, when doctors makes cut on your body, they use electrosurgical units. Why they do that is because they minimize the risk of blood flow during the surgery. They help the surgeon to have more view of the infected site and reduce the blood flow. These are one of the most important things that should be present in every hospital.

  • Diagnostic ultrasounds:

These are the ultrasound taken without the use of harmful rays to get the clear view of your insides. If you are having some trouble in your belly and no medicine is helpful with it, you can get it diagnosed with the help of ultrasounds. These are also helpful to see the fetus in the womb of pregnant women and check for different kinds of complications.

  • Defibrillators:

Defibrillators are one of the important instruments that can save your life. These are also known as crash cards. What they actually do is they give you an electric shock of different intensities when you touch them. This is very important when your heart is in arrhythmia or cardiac arrest. These are the conditions when the electrical activity in your heart gets abnormal. These should be used under the supervision of experts.

  • Patient monitors:

Have you ever seen LCDs like structure beside the patient’s bed? These are the patient monitor. On these monitors, all the health details of the patient are observed. This is one of the important machines used with the critical patient.

  • Patient beds and surgical tables:

These two are the most important things in the hospitals. Without patient’s bed, there is no way you can comfort the patient and without surgery tables, there is no way you can easily and successfully operates on someone. So these are the two must things in a hospital.

  • Anesthesia Machines:

Anesthesia machine is the machine which is used to sedate the patient when he/she is in a surgery. It contains of tubes, a pressure unit and a monitor. The tubes are used to give anesthesia to the patients and the pressure is observed on the monitor. It is very necessary to give the right amount of anesthesia to the patient and this should be done under the supervision of some expert. Don’t let everyone in the staff handle it, because it can seriously affect the patient’s health by paralyzing him or by putting him in the coma.

Hospitals where you need these facilities and you were treated without them, you can file different hospital nhs negligence claims against them.

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