Things To Know About The Quilting Machines From Bernina

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Bernina Range represents a range of mountains in the Alps. It is located both in the northern Italy and in the eastern Switzerland. However, quilting machines from Bernina have no relation with the said mountain range except its’ towering performance over the years as experienced by the real users in most parts of the world.


Key features of the quilting machines from Bernina:

Like the five fingers of your hand, quilting machines manufactured and sold by different companies have different value propositions befitting the needs and aspirations of its customers. Having said this we mean that the range of quilting machines from Bernina precisely offers some unique merits of owning them for your home and business namely the following.

  • Legacy: The Company Bernina enjoys an undisputed leadership over the last 120 years that itself is a milestone for others to follow in the quilting machines business. Many have come and gone but Bernina machines have withstood many upheavals in the market thereby have enriched them to take the quilting challenges head-on.   
  • Unmatched quality: Quality of the machines from Bernina is such that it has been able to match the evolution in the quilting technology on a continuous basis. In fact, when you buy a Bernina quilting machine for your home and business, you by default get many opportunities to appreciate its state-of-the-art fine knitting ability. Overall, you will be impressed with the craftsmanship of the machine and its output both.  
  • Trusted partner across the globe: You should know that Bernina quilting machines are available in many countries in the world such as Russia, Germany, and UK. This, in other words, construes that Bernina machines have carved out a niche for itself in the markets around the world. The best part is that quite a few generations have been using Bernina quilting machines to their satisfaction. It thus ushers to an undisputed mutual trust and respect between Bernina and its customers.
  • Bonding that lasts: The Company believes in bonding with its customers across the globe. You will be happy to know that the company strongly adheres to the same philosophy in the case of its employees. This has virtually been the driving force behind the charted growth of the company on YOY (Year on Year) basis.
  • Unique product: Bernina evolves innovations on its products from time and time. It means you will always find your type of quilting machines from the company befitting your multiple needs in the most part of the globe from time to time.
  • Longevity: This is another important aspect of buying Bernina machines. To run a quilting business successfully, you cannot afford to change quilting machines frequently that increases your CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) thereby puts pressure on the bottom line of your business. At the same time, changing the quilting machine at home will inadvertently disturb your monthly budget.  

You have to buy and use-quilting machines from Bernina at the first place to learn more about the benefits of these machines bespoke to your need.


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