3 Unique Ways To Make Your Friend Feel Special

Friendship is the only open relationship in the world. Like your other blood relationships, you are not born with a friend! You choose your friends. No one else bestows a friend upon you.



A friend is your comfort zone. You can share every emotions, every of your secrets to your friend. You have a blind trust on this relationship. At the end of the month when your pocket money ends up, you can easily borrow a few amount form your friend and never worry of the deadline to return it. On her/ his special days, rather than gifting some friendship gifts for her/him you prefer to ask a treat from her/ him! This is the simplicity of this relationship. The only rule for making a true friend is no formality!

Even though sometimes for a change (huh… huh)… you can plan for a surprise for your best friend. Sometimes it is required, as you only get love when you give love. Your friend will be happy get a surprise from his/ her friends.

3 unique surprise ideas for a friend:

  • Group video

Contact all of your old friends and ask them to say something about him/ her. Arrange all of them in a single video, add some background friendship songs like ‘summer of 69’, and put some moving pictures with the voice of your friends. This video can make your moment of friendship. This seems very emotional and touchy for your best friend! You will cry together of happy tears!

  • Filled up slam book

Besides recording a video for your friend, you can buy a slam book and send it to all of your friends to fill the respective pages for your friend. He/ she will be mesmerized to read those words of friendships. It can surely convey the feelings of friends to him/ her.

  • A basket full of favourites

You need to know all of his/ her favourite foods, and make a list of them. It may include the favourite brand of chocolates, sweets, dry fruits. You can even pick any of his/ her favourite instruments or indoor gaming components. This can be another best idea for giving friendship gifts.

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