5 Best Foods For Train Journey In India

If you are having a train journey in India, you must know about the food services in there. It’s contrary to the past belief that you will be unable to get the best food on the train, but you will get the best and delicious food on the train. The train food service has enhanced in the best way in India that you can order food online and taste the delicious food all the time.

You will always get the best food services whenever you opt for a train journey in India. As India is the country of several traditions, the foods are off different taste but all are highly delicious. So if you are wondering about the food options you will get on the train while traveling by train in India, here is the list that will serve you the best way.

Veg Thali

If you are a vegetarian, or craving for veg food, you can always order online for a veg thali. You can get all the best items in one thali. If you are traveling with a kid, one single thali would be enough for you. It will consist of dal, roti, rice a curry and sometimes a papad. So you get the whole meal at your train desk and you can enjoy it the same. The proportions of these thalis are enough. If you eat less you can add one of your family members to it. Also the price of it really affordable, you can always ignore the high priced meals and order online food on the train.

Get Parathas

Two parathas are fat and good to satiate the hunger of two people. You can have that as an entire meal. You can have a paratha with pickle or you can order a curry with it. It will depend on your taste. If you are looking for parathas except for rice you can order so. If you are traveling with your family only 3 or 4 parathas will be enough to fill up the bellies of your entire family. So without a doubt go for the paratha, and enjoy the food.

Idli and Dosa

If you are opting for a breakfast and you want healthy food, then you should go for idli or dosa. This South Indian food will serve you the best healthy and fulfill your hunger all the same. Order the same online, and have it with your friends and family.

Combo Meal

Always go for the combo meal on the train. The combo meal consists of roti and rice. So if you are unable to satiate your hunger with just rice, you will always have the option of roti. You will get the dal or curry with it. So it will be far from any problem.

Biriyani Is an Option

If you are looking for the best delicious food while traveling in India, you can always have biriyani. Online orders are well equipped with this item. So you can always order the same while on the train.

Get the best food online on the train, and enjoy your train ride in India. Also, make sure to eat in the right proportion to keep yourself healthy on your train journey.   

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