Ahyanah Mincy Showcases Business Women In Her Blogs

Ahyanah Mincy is one of the most versatile women who thrive to show the face of the businesswoman to the world. Ahyanah Mincy is 21 years old, an ordinary college student studying in Saint Peter University. She is studying business management over there and loves to raise some ground-based facts about business women. She lives like other girls but her passion, devotion and hobbies make her superior to other girls. She started writing blogs about the life of a woman in business and entrepreneurship from the platform of OnMogul and just because of consistency and extraordinary devotions, editorial team verified her account and now she is considered as a boss writer. She is not only a student but a business blogger that make her unique among her competitors.

“Your Confidence is your success because success is all about confidence”

As you know,Ahyanah blogs for OnMogul which is a place for women in business. OnMongul is thelargest floor for women where they can sell goods, search jobs and show their skills by posting articles.

Her purpose is not writing blogs only but she wants to reveal some true stories of Black Business Women on many other things which world does not know.

Black Business Women

Ahyanah Mincy introduced the world to the black businesswomen who struggled and fought their cultural and masculinity based on unfair thoughts that overwhelmed them and spite of that they faced these troubles and achieved success in all condition and develop their business world and achieved what they had to achieve ignoring all false trends and traditions.

Black woman are considered as the most harassed woman in the world and this is what Ahyanah wanted to put in front of the world. According to her, black women are not supported or appreciated the way they deserve and being a black woman she believes that there should be not discrimination between color, religion or region.

Ahyanahmostly writes her stories regardingsuccess journeys and triumphs of ablack woman like Zondra Wilson, LaTonia Taylor, Teana McDonald and so many others. Ahyana is a great symbol and example for those who fear to face the world.

Symbol of Inspiration

Ahyanah Mincy is a symbol of inspiration and success for women who feel weak, helpless and lack of determination while they step into a new business or entrepreneurship. AhyanahMincy’s work always leaves an inspiring impact on her possible audience. As awoman, we often don’t recognize fearlessness in ourselves, even though we easily see it in others. According to her,black women struggle with identifying themselves as fearless and that is the reason why people always succeed in mocking them. As aneverydaywoman,leading everyday lives,it is our hope that these stories of courage and perseverance, expanding horizons, overcoming adversity will give voice to the challenges and triumphs of real woman everywhere. Her inspirational blogs are available www.ahyanahmincy.com


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