Can You See A Noticeable Increase In Views On Your Videos?

Social media is the way to market and advertise in today’s technology-dependent world. Everyone is busy on their smartphones and now the 6.0 inch screen has become a creative director’s canvas. YouTube is one such crucial platform and if used prudently, it can make companies millionaires in one night. Hundreds of videos are posted everyday on YouTube and marketing creatives and YouTube artists spend each day pondering upon the ways to increase views on their videos.

There are several things apart from uploading the video that matters in the realm of marketing and promotion to ensure that the number of views doesn’t stop increasing once the video has been uploaded. Social media websites such as Facebook are a convenient method of advertising that companies and artists can use to make promote their videos and trailers and ensure that it attracts a host of viewers. The YouTube Fb Linker is one such tool that will help you in creating video thumbnails that will stick in the mind of viewers.

Curiosity is a powerful trait that human beings possess and companies and artists must make proper use of this trait to get more views. When they scroll past Facebook or are tapping on their Instagram, they must encounter something that they can’t get their eyes off. This is the edge that will help marketing creatives rise above the millions of other users that upload content everyday on YouTube.

Maximising this reach is important, especially if you are selling some product. Thumbnails that contain a gist of your video are an essential entity which becomes the key to promoting and validating your product. A customized thumbnail is necessary as it provides a general idea about your video and entices viewers with your creative ability. A multitude of methods can be employed in the Facebook linker YouTube online free web application that can help you get many views.

Action shots

People don’t usually get to watch slow motion, drone shots, and fast forward shots in real life because those shots are a wonder of the camera. Employing action shots in your thumbnail can make many viewers interested in what your video has to offer. Using a screen grab can help you garner your action shots to create a visual appeal for many users.

Bright pictures

Using multifarious colours when you put up pictures is another way of attracting many viewers. You must use many designs and vibrant colour schemes because brightness generates curiosity in the viewer. A screen grab from one of the frames in the video can be easily edited and placed in the thumbnail, or a picture that is high-quality and captured in good lighting conditions can be placed in the thumbnail. The attention span of people has become shorter and shorter and shorter; it is necessary to post something that will keep this attention span intact.


Adding a question that will boggle the minds of your viewers can also work in your favour. Your thumbnail can also have a picture that contains questions aimed for a target audience, which can help you in garnering their views.

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