Choosing A Fall Wedding Venue

When it comes to picking a venue for your fall wedding, you don’t have to get crazy creative. Then again, the fall season is also the perfect time of year to get all those fabulously creative venues on discount. Below are some great venues to check out when booking the perfect venue for your perfect fall day.

Fall Wedding Venue

Book the Unconventional Venue

You don’t have to book a little white chapel; you can get married just about anywhere these days. So if your theme is rustic, and you like craft beer–why not throw it in a brewery? Museums, libraries and restaurants can also make great wedding venues. Of course, if you book a brewery with a restaurant you just made catering simple.

Get Outdoors

Gardens and National Parks often make for a great venue in the fall. With all the foliage, you’ve got built-in wedding decor! Plus, these venues are great for the budgeting couple because they often come with a minimal fee. Sometimes, there are no fees at all. You should consider the fact that it might not be completely private, so talk to the city or registrar’s office and know all the details before putting down your deposit. Additionally, you can do things at an outdoor wedding that you simply can’t pull of indoors such as using sparklers for weddings or releasing small wish lanterns. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, but having an outdoor wedding can be cost effective and a lot of fun.

Go Wild with Your Wedding

For the adventurous couple, nothing says “I love you forever” like a wild wedding venue. If you have a favorite landmark like a lighthouse, a movie theatre, even a cave–this is the venue for you! Get creative: think shark reef, theme parks, or a volcano. The sky’s the limit when you decide to get wild with your fall wedding. Most venues will also give you a sweet discount for fall bookings, especially during the week, because the summer traffic has died down and kids are back to school. So go in with your bargaining hat on!

Taking advantage of the changing colors and cooler temperatures for your fall wedding can be a great way to make your event stand out while at the same time saving you money. Balance out your options and choose the perfect venue to have an unforgettable wedding that your guests will love as much as you do.