DressApp and Other Applications Perfect for Summer Fashion

Summer heat are called out more than usual, and you always want to have the best possible aspect regarding the clothing worn. Your Android device that can help you easily to different applications, for example, which is a development DressApp full of possibilities.This creation is an agenda that combines the clothes in your closet (you’ll need to give it high on your database) for different calendar dates easily. Thus, we have everything perfectly structured and not “lose” time every day to choose what best combines … as this was done before. But DressApp offers much more, since the amount of information you can put each garment is very high, which is also in stores. This is done by using labels calls even to store a picture identification.

The database is generated provides varied options, such as setting the size, brand, price and a category (you can create or use any of the default which is included in the application). An example of using to do all this is to filter the search by brand, in order to obtain the recommendations that best suit the user’s needs at all times.

The management of the application is simple, as there is a sliding menu on the left side of the screen where all DressApp options. Everything is done by clicking on the screen, as befits a touch application. Usability is excellent, such as check when searching by brand, where we find an almost endless list of these. Additionally, you may access the web specifically, but some places do not open the internal browser either application. Options like online shopping or various sections of tips are also present.

In the latter we have indicated we highlight two interesting points: DressApp by Jobs and know your style. The first, in collaboration with with InfoJobs (must have a user in this job search service), provides recommendations for what to wear for different interviews you have. The second is a wizard that defines the style of the user, which always helps because then indicates different recommendations.

If you want to get this application can be obtained at the following link to Samsung Apps or, failing in that other Play Store. It is completely free, which is always a positive detail.
More options to follow the fashion this summer

There are other options to be fashionable this summer with an Android OS device. Are some of the most interesting we believe you can find today:

Custo Barcelona

If you’re a fan of this brand, the Android app is an excellent choice for you. You can access the entire catalog of Custo Barcelona online form. In this way, you can see what they have in images with models and thus know how to stay put. In addition, you can enter an Outlet, which is beneficial because there markdowns. No problems in use or when shopping. You can get this application for free at this link from Samsung Apps.


Few are those who do not know the Zara store, which has a development for Android in which you can see all their catalog and also make purchases from a mobile terminal. Each product has its corresponding image with photos from different angles. A good option is, no doubt. Includes code scanner as helpful as it facilitates purchases even in physical stores. Zara for Android can be obtained at this link or this Samsung Apps Play Store.

Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On

Surely more than one occasion you have wondered how you would a new haircut or hairstyle. Thanks to this application, you can get the answer easily. In it, and combining a photograph, you can meet stated before performing a simple installation and also this is achieved with colored lips or fingernails. Easy to use because everything is fully accessible in the interface, this free application can be obtained at this link on Samsung Apps or in that other Play Store.

Shoes Closet

This is an ideal application for the lovers of shoes. Before you can get the most out must enlist you have-a process that can take longer than expected. Then, the possibilities are enormous, as it enables your collection perfectly ordered and find the best option for every situation with your Android terminal. It is divided into sections that can be created if necessary, and the interface is adequate, but is somewhat old. This is possible to achieve this development in Play Store and the link to Samsung Apps.

With these applications you can spend a summer in fashion and new ideas. Even, you can buy what you see that interests you. Then we leave the table information that we have highlighted above the rest, DressApp.

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