Follow Some Easy Tips To Install Printer Software In Windows 8 Desktop

With new versions of windows coming up, there is no doubt that we are blessed with the best technology that has made human life a lot simpler. But at the end it is a technology and sometimes, there are few things which as a common user you may not be able to understand. Talking of which setting up the printer software in Windows 8 desktop is the common on. Most of us, at first take time to first understand how it actually works. Even if we are so much familiarized with the installation process of the software but when it comes of doing a set up in a right manner, we do get stuck up at some point. That is why; here are some guidelines to add a printer to windows 8 that may help you set up in a systematic way.


Know more about printer installation

In Windows 8, programs like Google docs, Microsoft power point and even adobe readier have some unique way to print the desired details. In some applications especially the basic ones like excel and doc, you will find a logo of windows on the upper left corner. When you click on it, you can find the option of print in the drop down menu. Before taking a print, you will also be asked for a print preview. Some techno geek might also be aware about the shortcut of using it which is ctrl+p.

However, sometimes, if this sign is not seen it means that particular application is not supporting printing. You may find the similar application on internet which might be supporting printing but frankly, the chances are quite less.

Be sure about the bit system

That is why, to fix the Fix printer problems – Windows Help can be a good tool but not always. But you can install software for which you need to be first sure that your system is compatible with it. Be sure whether the system that you have is 32 bit running system or 64 bit. For windows 8, 64 bit system is the best one.

Understand the type of printer you are using

Now to add a printer to the windows 8 Computer, you need to make sure that you find the right type of printer which you will be using. It does not matter whether it is a wireless printer or an offline type. If you have an offline option, then you can connect it to the power source and then attach the printer’s data cable to the computer.

If case, it is a wireless option, then process is quite complex but there are three things which are important and those are:

  • The printer should be connected to the power source is it is offline printer
  • It must be also connected to local wireless network
  • It should be well updated in terms of functionality for better performance

Make sure you follow these instructions in a right manner. You may get all the detailed instructions to add a printer to windows 8 computer in the software setup wizard. Once you follow the process, check in the control panel under the device section where you will find your printer in the printer’s icon.

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