Getting Married But Spouse Is In Canada?

There are many things in life that we have not much control over and one of those things is who we love and who we end up marrying. Keeping this in mind, if you do end up loving someone and marrying someone who is living in Canada, then you will also need to travel there to start your family and make a living there. But this is not a very easy process as there are so many rules and regulations related to this which makes it difficult to immigrate to Canada.


Most countries do this and keep a lot of regulations and rules with regards to immigration as they do not want the local people to be affected and not get jobs and opportunities because of people who are from other countries, move in. This is a very fair and good thing to do to protect the locals and their interests. But, as it is always the case, there will be a few sincere cases where people do need to immigrate in order to continue with normal functioning of life. So, for these people, there are several provisions even in a country such as Canada. So let us see what we can do in these situations –

Get Help from Pro Services

As common folk, we may only once or twice in life apply to an immigration visa and go through the process, so we will never know all the ins and outs of the whole processes. So it is always better to get help from someone who has been doing these applications for a long time and hence they have a lot of experience with it. You may just have to pay the immigration spouse visa fees and the fees for the service provider and sit back and relax as the rest would be handled by the service provider itself.

When some problems or unexpected things come up in an application process, these people will have enough knowledge about it to handle it. To add to this, they might have already seen these problems so they might know what it means. This knowledge is something that we as applicants may not be able to handle.

You can always apply as a spouse and move to Canada but you can also do one more thing that is more beneficial. This can be something like you yourself applying for a work visa or a permanent residence without having to affiliate as a spouse visa. Immigration process for spouse can be handled in many ways and these ways mentioned above are the best.

Once you get help from some good pro services, you will have a better idea of what exactly you need to do and what would be the best options for you.

Therefore, if you are in a situation where your spouse is in Canada and you need to move there, you know what you need to be doing with regards to the immigration process. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and apply!

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