Hair Care in Summer

Summer is a season quite problematic for our hair, which usually ends up punished and severely damaged. We should note that the hair is one of our most outstanding qualities, why should we worry about keeping safe. Today we will give you a few special tips for you to keep your hair strong and shiny, are easy to follow tips that make a difference.The first thing we recommend is that you clarify and wash well your hair everyday after the beach or pool, this will help remove salt residue, chlorine or sand. And avoid rubbing your hair with a towel so it will not break. In addition, it is best to use a bow, hat or scarf when we are on the beach, in this way we protect against UVA.

On the other hand, avoid using heat tools that can dry hair more and it is also important to use masks or intensive treatments as blistering summer. In case your hair is too punished you can use every day and even leave them while you sleep. Finally, if you have dyed hair or split ends then it is important that care intensifiques.

These were the tips that we had to share, we expect that they will be useful, luck!

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