How To Encounter Shortness Of Breath During Pregnancy?

It is the time of pregnancy and no wonders you are short of breath? The reason for it is that more oxygen is needed during the course of pregnancy, and the body would need to adapt it in several mechanisms. Progesterone is a hormone that rises at an alarming level which does have an impact on the lungs along with respiratory centre of the brain being affected.  In fact pregnancy respiratory disorders are common at this point of time.  The amount of breathe that you tend to take during the course of pregnancy does not change that much. Breathing is going to become all the more difficult as the uterus tends to occupy more space. Once the baby reaches lower down to the region of the pelvis it is that time where you are going to breathe a lot easy. You can resort to the following methods

  • Ensure that you do maintain a good posture when you are sitting or standing. Do not resort to slouching as enough space is not being provided to the lungs so that they can breathe
  • You can prop yourself up when you are sleeping by putting some pillows in a semi sitting position under the upper portion of your body. It is going to reduce the pressure that the uterus is putting on the lungs.
  • Do not overdo things if you are exercising or being part of any house work. Do take your own time as the body is going to respond to these changes in a gradual manner.

The situation is quiet common for a pregnant woman is that they are short of breath. There is nothing to be scared about, and it would be better if you consult your doctor on what are the exact causes for it. Numerous medicines for respiratory disease in pregnancy are available over the counter. But it is suggested that you get in touch with your doctor before you consume it.

So how do you overcome these problems?

It is important for a woman to be part of a regular exercise regime so that a healthy lifestyle is assured. Immense benefits could be reaped in if you are part of regular exercises during the course of pregnancy. So it is suggested that some moderate levels of exercises are necessary for the mother and the baby. In a day close to 30 minutes of physical activity is recommended. Opt for an aerobic along with a muscle strengthening plan. You can start with gentle physical exercises and with the passage of time increase the intensity levels.

With the help of aerobic activity your lungs along with the hearts tend to work a lot harder and this could be in the form of brisk walking, cycling or jogging. This is an activity that is going to leave you with mild breath and is going to make you sweaty. On the other hand muscle strengthening exercises would mean climbing up the stairs, lifting heavy luggage etc.

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