How To Keep Your Family Healthy

The healthy family routine is rapidly becoming a victim of the television, smartphones, computers, and the often tantalizing junk food and sugary drinks. Today, more than 15% of kids aged between six and eleven are obese while over 30% are regarded as overweight. If we don’t tackle this problem, we’re at risk for a number of health problems.

Sometimes parents avoid altering their lifestyle because of lack of enough time and money. However, it actually doesn’t require a lot of any of these to keep your family healthy. Here are some important ways to help you keep your family healthy at all times.

1. Eat a healthy diet

Know your Body Mass Index (BMI) to accomplish and retain a healthy weight. Try to consume foods that are rich in fiber and calcium. Reduce your intake of trans-fatty acids and saturated fats. This simply means that you should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Contact your health care provider before you take supplements like calcium.

2. Encourage regular exercises

No matter the kind of activities you choose to do, make it a habit to take time to exercise regularly and encourage each family member to do the same.

3. Encourage early bedtime

Remember early bed time is not meant just for the children. Early sleep is possibly one of the best gifts that you can give your body, especially after a long, tiring day. It allows you to get up wake up re-energized, boosts proper digestion and stabilizes your emotions. Avoid those late night movies or TV shows and create a comfortable sleeping environment in your bedroom.

4. Drink plenty of water

Encourage each family member to drink plenty of water each day to help keep them healthy. Add some lime, lemon or orange for taste. However, sugary drinks will add excessive calories. Reduced fat milk can be an excellent alternative, especially for little children because some of them might not obtain sufficient amounts of calcium.

5. Stop Drinking/smoking

If any family member is a smoker, encourage them to stop smoking and reduce their alcoholic intake. If you need help with either, be sure to speak to your health care provider.

6. Encourage each family member to know his/her body

It is extremely important to know one’s body. If you realize any changes that persistently causes concern, be sure to contact your health care provider.

7. Regular check-ups

As you strive to remain active and healthy, be sure to contact your health care provider before trying any exercises. Go for annual physicals and checkups. Get checked annually for any medical threats to ensure you will be three for your loved ones for many years to come.

8. Create a balance

Minimise stress and have plenty of fun each day. Search your balance between competing aspects of your life such as home, career, and personal life.

There is no denying the fact that keeping your family healthy comes with many benefits, but in order to achieve that, you need to learn how to keep your family healthy. Remember to set an example for other family members to follow as far as nutrition and fitness go. And whenever you plan to travel abroad, get an EHIC card to help keep you and your family healthy.