Know How To Spot A Genuine Prophet

Thousands of years back Jesus anticipated that appearance of false prophets in the society is inevitable. And this made him caution people to beware of fake prophets. He said that false prophets used to appear in sheep’s clothing, however, in disguise they’re greedy wolves. He advised his followers and commoners to identify them by their fruits. So, by ‘fruit’, what he meant was ‘results’, ‘ability and ‘approaches’.


These days, when there’re scams everywhere, it is always wise to be careful enough before choosing your most ideal prophet. False teachers are clever enough and know well that people who don’t have educational backgrounds are rather simple or irrational about their decisions. Most importantly, in our society there are hardly people who have adequate knowledge about the fundamentals of bible or Holy Scriptures. Therefore, when they talk about different messages, it can be difficult for you to identify who is counterfeit and who is real. But there are certain good indications, and if you keep your eyes open and sense alert, you can surely find the sheep or the greedy wolves. Some of these signs are as under:

Legitimate preachers like Prophet TB Joshua always try to recognize the divinity of Jesus Christ. Whether it is worshiping, sermon or sharing their own experiences, they bring Jesus as a symbol of spirituality. And this becomes possible for them because they have deep background about Biblical facts and all about Jesus Christ. When you come across someone fake, notice carefully that they are more inclined to advance salvation by means of their activities instead of biblical logic or faith. Enquire about the society, church or institution where he or she has been associated and know about his background.

At the time of talking to his followers, typically great prophets talk about the guidelines based on different stories that demonstrate the power of God and Jesus Christ. A person who is false commonly makes stories by themselves, and their sources are not Bible or other Scriptures. This can be understood from the depth of the topics.

When a knowledge genuine prophet communicates the messages of God and his intends; they mostly take help of varied tales. All these anecdotes, morals and tales should communicate some message. There is a real summery or bottom line of the story where Jesus Christ should be the core. Interestingly, most false teachers keep Jesus in the margins. Notice their speeches with care because none can deny the necessity of Holy Jesus in our way of life. Typically, fake preachers publicize more about their supremacy; about the stories how wonderfully they helped people in distress or also, can assist people in changing their standard of livelihood. For them Jesus is not essential, which shows they are fraud.

Finally, analysis characterizes of the person before accepting him. Prophet TB Joshua is an image of knowledge, perseverance, godliness, brotherhood, thoughtfulness, compassion and love. He has extreme self-control, self-confidence and sea-deep personality. A fake Christian prophet can be well identified from his attitude, malign and arrogance.


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