Know Some Facts About OBGYN

OBGYN is considered to be a term which refers to medical specialties of gynecology and obstetrics. The latter is regarded to be a field of medicine training physicians to help pregnant patients and to delivery healthy babies. Again, Gynecology is regarded as a medicinal field which trains the physicians to diagnose as well as provide treatment to female reproductive organs related disorders. The medical doctors are often trained both the specialties since both are known to deal intimately with the function, anatomy and pathophysiology of female reproductive tract. All women, whether they are planning to get pregnant or are expectant mothers are provided treatment by OBGYN doctors non-surgically and surgically.

Practicing Obgyn Medicine

Patients may be provided treatment by both male and female doctors. The doctor practicing gynecological or obstetric medicine might also specialize in the field of oncology, reproductive endocrinology, perinatology, family planning, and pelvic reconstructive surgery, and menopausal gynecology, adolescent or pediatric gynecology. They also may offer oncology pregnancy medicine to help treat the patient and provide them with immense relief.


It is considered to be a medicinal field focusing upon the fetus and mother’s health. Special emphasis is given on high risk fetal surgery or pregnancy management. Childbirth turnaround time can be precipitous and main objective of perinatologists is reducing mortality and morbidity among both child and mother.

Reproductive Endocrinologists

Doctors practicing this field of medicine help the patients to understand their ailment, to diagnose, to deal or treat infertility. There are several congenital, biological, as well as anatomical causes associated with infertility, treatment and diagnosis, focusing upon interventions to help couples to get pregnant. Series of tests are conducted on the couples, so as to narrow down infertility source and to make series of recommendations that are based upon the diagnosis determined.

Obygn Oncology

It is regarded to be a medical subspecialty dealing with non-surgical and surgical cancer treatment that develops in female urinary tract and reproductive organs. Often cancer is found to spread quickly. There is a need to consult the expert physicians much early to identify and determine the kind of therapy that will provide cure. Whether there is a need for systemic chemotherapy or local excision, it is only the experienced and well trained physician who can properly guide as well as educate the patients to take well informed decisions pertaining to their health and future treatments.

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

This is a commonly used treatment procedure that is availed by women suffering from pelvic organ prolapsed or urinary incontinence because of childbirth or pregnancy. Stress incontinence also is regarded to be common type of urine leakage faced by women having weaker pelvic floor muscles. A non-invasive treatment type that assures long term positive results in the patients is undertaking pelvic floor exercises. The other options tend to include sling implantation or pessary.

Oncology pregnancy medicine is offered by the qualified physicians to help both pregnant and non-pregnant women to lead a happy, satisfied and trouble free life.

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