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Find the right legal counsel for any legal service related to real estate in Edmonton, Alberta. Find a real estate lawyer in Edmonton with the help of Right Legal, a Canadian-based company that connects its clients to the right lawyers. It is an online referral service that does this quickly and easily. We search, interview, and perform background checks so as to ensure that you receive offers from the best lawyers available in Edmonton. This way, you’ll feel confident that you are talking to the right legal counsel.

Real Estate Law

Real estate is an area of law related to properties – land or constructions, attached to the land. If you are looking to buy or sell your land or house, Right Legal can help you. It can connect you with an experienced lawyer who can handle your case and keep you from worrying. You can approach Right Legal in any of the following situations:

  • You want to buy or sell your land
  • You want to dig your land for extracting oil or minerals
  • You want to rent out your piece of land to a person or business
  • You want to know your rights on the land you have rented

Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

You can search anytime online from your computer or smartphone. Here is how it works:

  • Answer a few questions
  • We will search for Edmontonian lawyers, based on your criteria
  • We will email you a short list of lawyers and their offers
  • You review and choose the right lawyer for you

Service Fees

Signing up on the website is free. You can do that here Also, there is no cost involved for you to view the list of lawyers interested in working for you or to check their offers. Here are the charges for our services:

Up to $150 for basic transaction services such as wills and estates

Up to $300 for complex file such as personal injury, criminal, and family matters

The charges are deferred until you receive the first invoice from your lawyer. If you don’t like to move forward from the lawyers we suggested, there is no charge. The charges are applicable only if you undertake any legal work. Also, there is no cost if you don’t find a lawyer who does not fit your preferences.

Find a real estate lawyer in Edmonton with the help of Right Legal and save time, reduce stress, and move forward. Apart from real estate, we can connect you with a lawyer in other areas such as business, criminal, wills & estate, family, immigration, and personal injury.

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