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Norton Secure VPN helps to provide security and privacy to public Wi-Fi. Users can save their passwords, bank and credit card details and other sensitive information on their computer, mobile, or other device. Users can take the help Norton internet security contact UK for any help if they have any problem related to the VPN connection.

Benefits of VPN

Here are the benefits of using VPN.

  • VPN helps to protect the data that is sent and received through public Wi-Fi.
  • Add encryption to protect the device connected through public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Protects the privacy of the user while browsing web.
  • Users can access their apps from anywhere.
  • Users have the facility of 60-day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the product.
  • The company provides 24 x 7 customer support

Public Wi-Fi Security

Systems that are connected to the internet through public Wi-Fi are at the risk of various types of attacks. Users do not use VPN in order to secure the systems and Wi-Fi connections. This can lead to serious consequences as sensitive information is at the risk of attacks.

Protection of information

Public Wi-Fi is not safe and sending and receiving data through it is a risk. Norton Secure VPN helps to secure sensitive data by encrypting it and users can send and receive data through Wi-Fi.

Greater security

Users can easily pay the bills, check emails, and visit social media websites without worrying as Norton Secure VPN secures the sensitive data through encryption.

Public Wi-Fi can be made private

There are many companies and hackers who are always ready to steal information so people should use Norton VPN as it can help to keep the online activities anonymous as VPN does not track the location or any online activity.

App access

Norton Secure VPN helps to access the favorite app and websites from anywhere he likes. User will feel like he is at home.

Money back guarantee

When a user buys a subscription, he also gets 60-day money back guarantee. During the first 60 days, user can enjoy free support, which is a part of the subscription.


Now let us know what VPN is. VPN or virtual private network provides private network from a public internet connection. The data between source and destination is encrypted and nobody can trace it. VPN does this by hiding the IP address of the network.

Browsing History

All web browsers keep a record of websites that a user has visited. There are many websites that keep the record of the users who visit them. The information of the history is tied to the IP address of the user’s computer.

Location and IP Address

If a hacker captures IP address of a user can also locate the user. VPN does not use the IP address of the user’s system and in this way, it helps to maintain privacy. VPN also helps the user in the case that his browsing data is not viewed or sold.

Web Activity

VPN protects the user from as his internet service provider also cannot access the history. VPN providers can log on the browsing data but even if he does not do so, he can help the user to have internet freedom.

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