Pregnancy In Relation To Pesticides

Breastfeeding moms along with pregnant women are suggested to avoid pesticides during breastfeeding. The main reason for it could be that exposure to chemicals could increase the element of risk in their babies.


Definition of pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals that are used to kill pests or control the spread of them. They are often used in our home where sometimes you can apply it or can avail the services of a professional expert. In case if you are a breastfeeding woman or pregnant, it is suggested that you restrict your exposure to the quantity of chemicals around your home and then store them in a safe and sound manner. Some of them tend to be poisonous in nature, and it can cause harm to pregnant women along with adults in the family.

How to apply pesticides

In the event of application of pesticide, always opt for a product, that is deemed fit and has a low toxic rating. Do not overuse it and always following the instructions on what is the correct amount to be used. As a pregnant or a breastfeeding women avoid the exposure to pesticides, when you at your home as far as possible. Get in touch with a possible pest technician, friend or relative so that pesticide can be applied.

In case if your partner is exposed to pesticides at their workplace, it is suggested that they do not carry their work clothes home. If they bring it home, then you should not wash them along with the routine set of clothes particularly the clothes of kids. Some of the tips to protect against pesticides are as follows

  • Foods should be stored in containers in tight fitting lids
  • Block gaps around pipes and doors
  • Remove stagnant food along with pooling
  • Fly screens should be installed in the house

Some other tips are depicted below

  • At no point during the stages of your pregnancy pesticides should be used. Do keep away the children from areas that have been recently exposed to pesticides
  • In case if you are pregnant and live in an agricultural area, where pesticides are sprayed on a regular basis, do consider moving from that area during the first few weeks of your pregnancy
  • All the products need to be washed properly before consumption
  • Do avoid products that are known to contain residue of pesticide and this includes apples, cucumbers, spinach etc.
  • As far as possible increase your consumption of organic products and avoid pesticide residue products.

What are the consequences if you are exposed to pesticide?

Do not press the panic button if you are exposed to pesticide. Carry a copy of the pesticide label and when you get in touch with the doctor inform them that you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can reduce your exposure to a considerable extent by

  • Slowly breathing them in
  • Any form of direct contact with your skin
  • Food in contact or residue when it comes in touch with contaminated surfaces
  • Swallowing them from residue that is built up on your fingers or hands


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