Simple Ways To Boost The Impact Of Your CV

Your CV can make or break you when it comes to job applications. Surprisingly, some of us still neglect the humble CV when looking for new positions and career paths, leaving ourselves vulnerable to rejection based on potentially minor details. There are several things you can do to catch a potential employer’s attention with your CV, so try incorporating them today if you want to experience speedy success in your job hunt.


  1. Add more qualifications. Having an impressive list of qualifications and certifications is the easiest way to prove to an employer that you’re a solid candidate for the job. Even if you already have a degree, it’s worthwhile getting qualified in specific vocation-focused subjects to improve your knowledge and competence in your industry. For example, a diploma of project management bsb51415 will show any employer that you’re ready to tackle whatever the job throws your way, and will demonstrate proof for your claim of having ‘leadership skills.’
  2. Be concise. Though it may be tempting to include as much information as possible in your CV, many recruiters or employers will end up skimming the words and not really absorbing the information if you overdo the length. Keep the CV down to one-two pages if possible, and consolidate the information into brief sections. Have a friend or family member with knowledge in your industry take a look at your CV if you’re not sure where to start making cuts.
  3. Add small details to support statements. If you say that you experienced specific achievements in past jobs, be sure to provide numerical evidence to support what you’re saying. For example, if you had a particularly strong sales record in a previous job, throw in a few figures to show exactly how well you performed.
  4. Include a cover letter. Applying to a job with just your CV will very rarely get you the attention you need to land the position. Make sure you include a cover letter that clearly states you intention for the role, and why you believe you’re a perfect fit for the company. Try to personalise each cover letter so it applies specifically to the job in question. Neglecting to provide a cover letter can make it seem as if you’re not truly interested, and may put you behind other candidates who have taken the time to write a personalised statement.
  5. Proofread every step of the way. Any time you add something new to your CV, or edit it in any way, you need to do a thorough proofread to ensure that all of the content is grammatically correct with no spelling errors. A small mistake made while typing can instantly turn an employer off, so it’s important to not let these seemingly insignificant errors pass without correction.
  6. Add your social media links. If the job you’re applying for includes relevant social media activity, it may be sensible to include the links so that your employer can see how you present yourself online. If you keep your social network activity thoroughly professional and up to date, it can be a great way to demonstrate your networking and communication skills. They’ll probably look you up online anyway, so you may as well make the first move.

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