Singapore Sales Office For New York Times Is In The Works

Newspapers are having a hard time these days. A lot of people think that print is dying. Even the most impressive newspapers in the world, such as The New York Times, are exploring new marketing opportunities in order to stay in the black. This is why The New York Times plans to open a new sales office in Singapore. The publication is clearly going for ad dollars within Southeast Asia.

Information About the New Agency

This new sales agency is going to serve agencies and marketers all through Southeast Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are key targets. The sales agency will partner with its content studio, which is based in Hong Kong, in order to generate more ad dollars and strengthen The New York Times brand name. The venerable publication is known for its high-caliber journalism. In the Internet Age, it stands out because it does old-fashioned journalism which is researched meticulously. However, it needs to deliver the news in a modern way in order to thrive in an increasingly-digital world. The new agency will help The Times to evolve.

News of the opening followed the opening of another New York Times sales office. The first office opened for business in June of 2017. It’s known as the Asia Pacific office for sales. The Asia Pacific office opened after The New York Times spearheaded expansion of its “T Brand” studio in spring of 2017. In late summer, the company brought two programmatic ad directors on board, in Singapore and London.

In the past, The New York Times relied on another global ad agency, PI Global, in order to get local sales representation within the island city-state of Singapore.

Another notable development at The Times is the appointment of Tom Armstrong as Tokyo office leader. He’s going to take on the role of Advertising VP for Asia Pacific. The Singapore office will be headed by Alexandra Bernard. She’ll act as ad sales director and she’ll receive assistance from a sales coordinator.

In terms of past career achievements, Armstrong worked as the head revenue officer at Metro Publishing, which is owned by Fairfax Media. He was also the VP of international digital sales at Viacom in the United Kingdom. Bernard used to be employed at Brussels’ Politico Europe. She took care of events, ads and content partnership for the company’s worldwide brands.

Will New Blood Help the Times?

Alexandra and Tom’s appointments are something that The New York Times is excited about. The appointments were announced by the senior vice present of worldwide advertising for The Times, Jean Christophe Demarta.

Demarta feels that Tom brings the right array of experience to the table, in terms of digital and broadcast media. Demarta appreciates the global perspective that Tom has and he feels that this perspective is vital in terms of serving the needs of brand partners in Southeast Asia. Alexandra offers a comprehensive understanding of travel, as well as “place branding” ads. Demarta feels that Alexandra’s skills will be very helpful in Singapore.

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