Spring Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The most common item to use in centerpieces for a spring wedding is flowers. With so many flowers blossoming in the spring, it is often the best time to purchase wedding flowers at a reasonable price.


The particular flowers you choose for your spring wedding centerpieces should match your wedding colors or theme. However, having centerpieces that only consist of flowers can be boring for your guests to look at. For that reason, it is best to include other items in your centerpieces, such as candles, feathers, ribbons and various fruits.

When it comes to choosing centerpiece flowers, certain types work better than others, especially if you are pairing them with fruits that are in season. For example, peonies pair well with peaches for a spring wedding centerpiece.  If you prefer to stick with only flowers, it is important to know how to pair them up to create a truly memorable centerpiece. One popular combination of flowers for a spring wedding is snowdrops, tulips, ranunculus and daffodils.

Tulips are an especially popular choice for a spring wedding because you can get them in many different colors. The more colorful your centerpieces are the more visually appealing they will be to your guests.

A wedding that is set to take place near the Easter holiday calls for a centerpiece that combines daffodils with eggs. A long wooden planter can be used to display daffodils with the eggs nestled into the dirt.

A great way to use orchids in your spring wedding centerpieces is to purchase white wooden bird house planters or candle holders and put an orchid in each one. To dress it up a little more, you can add a few 36 inch wedding sparklers for the guests to enjoy later in the evening.

If you are a sucker for cherry blossoms you can use them to create a simple but pretty centerpiece. All you have to do is purchase blue or white glass jars and place cherry blossoms in the jars. Another way to incorporate cherry blossoms into your centerpieces is to purchase clear square glass bowls and fill them with cherry blossom and/or apple blossom stems. The stems are placed on the bottom of the jar and water is poured into it. You can then add floating candles to the jars for an amazing centerpiece your guests will love.

Another spring wedding centerpiece idea that is easy to pull off is shallow bowls filled with water with blooming flowers floating on top. This simple but elegant centerpiece will bring a calming effect to your wedding day.

Buying personalized bags and putting your wedding flowers in them is another easy way to create a centerpiece for spring. Each bag can hold your flowers and you can even put the table number on each centerpiece. For an extra touch of decoration you can tie a colored ribbon to each bag. Ideally the ribbon color should match the color of the flowers you use.

Creating centerpieces for your spring wedding can be one of the most creative aspects of planning your décor. You have many options for your own wedding table centerpieces.

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