Tips To Preserve Cake Toppers And Decorations

Cakes can be baked at homes easily and effortlessly. Those who are interested to bake delicious, uniquely prepared cakes to impress their family and beloved ones can take up baking classes. There are indeed plenty of professional cake making courses that are conducted in Udaipur and the entire country. Baking cakes is indeed interesting, since it allows the person to experiment new varieties and to come up with yummy cakes. Such cakes when carefully baked are sure to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Decorating the cake

More than baking the cake, its decoration is considered to be one of the most significant parts. It is here that many tend to fail or not meet their expectations. But with some tips, it becomes easier to preserve decorations and toppers. In case, the person wants to save time, then he/she is sure to order online cake in Udaipur and get it delivered right at their doorstep.

There are plenty of lovely designs which can be created with fondant. This can be quite tricky to preserve the decorations, right from the time the cake is baked to the time when it would be consumed. Fondant is actually a thicker sugar paste to cover the external sides of the cake. This paste is used for decorating the cake also. Fondant can be used for creating extravagant designs.

Useful tips to know when storing fondant designs

  • Have the fondant designs prepared in advance. This way, they can be used whenever required and included in the cake. The sugar paste composition can harden or melt depending upon temperatures.
  • Have the fondant refrigerated. Have fridge kept at warm setting for limiting condensation amount, which occurs when decorations and cakes get removed from fridge. Condensation can be minimized by boxing the cake and wrapping box within plastic wrap.
  • Keep the coloured fondant away from direct light. Have them covered and get them placed only in dark areas.
  • Humidity and temperature does affect fondant. In case, fondant gets extremely cold, it becomes stiff. But when it gets warm, it would become droopy and soft. Humidity can make things worse as the fondant gets sticky. If temperature controlled room is used, it can really help. Corn-starch can be used for reducing the stickiness.
  • Depending upon the thickness of the topper and humidity in the environment, drying may be possible in 2 to 3 days’ time. Moisture present in air can lengthen the drying time.
  • Water should be avoided.
  • The cake toppers need to be stored properly, which is significant on its hardening. Flat baking sheets that are lined with powdered or parchment paper is to be used for ensuring uniform drying of bottom surfaces.
  • Drawings and paintings on fondant designs are to be given time to dry properly.
  • It is easy to mould fondants. It is to be stored in airtight containers and taken out only when required. This way, the fondant pieces can be kept slightly malleable and soft.

The above steps are to be followed for preserving fondant designs. But if the person desires, he can always order and send cake to Udaipur from one of the reputed online sites.

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