Top Tips To Keep Flowers Fresh For A Long Time

Flowers are the best things to greet someone or send a love message to someone. It is definitely the most beautiful gift that one can send as greetings or wishing success and prosperity in life. It is a gift which can convey those feelings which are otherwise very difficult to express. One can send a bunch of flowers to their loved ones, with a small love note attached to it. It can immediately turn things to positive direction.


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Receiving bouquet is a very nice can warm feeling. But the point is, how to keep those lovely bouquets alive for a couple of days. If you do not pamper them well and take care of it, the bouquet will be ruined within a few hours, and it will not look fresh and lively anymore. So, what are the basics to keep them fresh and vibrant? Here are some tips which one may follow.

  • One can mix a very little amount of bleach in the water and then pour it into the flower vase. The vase gets sterilised due to this. The flowers are also safe from getting wilted when kept in it.
  • It is said that an aspirin tablet is a flower food. One can crush a tablet and mix it in the water of the vase before putting the bouquet in it. This tablet increases the level of acid in water and as it moves up through the stem, it can keep the bouquet alive.
  • The best home ingredient to keep a bouquet fresh is definitely sugar. The glucose present in sugar helps to open the flower buds faster, and it also keeps them fresh. One can also add a small amount if vinegar which will help the flowers to remain fresh for a longer time.
  • If you have copper pennies at home, then you can definitely use it to keep your flower bouquet fresh. Add a little amount of sugar with that copper penny and keep it in the vase. This will help to keep the bouquet fresh for a couple of days.
  • You have to change the water of the vase on a regular interval. Dirty water can definitely spoil your flower bouquet faster. The best thing is to keep your flower bouquet in a sparkling vase so that one can see the water and if it is dirty, they can change it immediately.
  • If you can add a little amount of mouth wash into the water, it can do wonders. The mouth wash can kill germs and bacterial present in the water and keep it fresh so that the bouquet kept in it can also remain fresh.
  • Always try to keep your flower bouquet away from the sun. Try to keep in a considerably cooler place. You can also spray some salt water on the flower buds and petals from a sprinkler which will keep the bouquet fresh.

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