Travelling with babies. Tips and recommendations

Anyone who has experienced what it means to travel by car with a baby knows that, depending on how the baby is, the trip itself can be a pleasure, or a war. Let’s see some basic and general tips to keep in mind when we put on the road with a baby, and then each and will adapt to your particular case. To all of you luck.
First of all, very calm

To leave home always necessary to have a minimum of planning: baggage and itinerary are the essential basic, if not no trip. Exit trip means planning a baby twice, keep in mind that we have to stop at any time, and that the journey may not be easy if the baby is uncomfortable and therefore cries. Inside the cabin, the cry baby is a source of distraction to the driver, and a considerable increase in the dB. Patience is everything, so maintain.
Luggage with everything you need for the holidays … and the journey

You have to know that you need to include in the same space-time all the necessary elements for baby’s comfort: stroller, portable crib (although if you go to a hotel I recommend you first investigate if they have cribs, and you will avoid an extra bulge), clothes, bathroom supplies, toys … and diapers, and you need to put all this in a separate kids suitcase so that you may not face any difficulty during emergency.

It is also advisable to carry a purse with everything you need to meet “biological emergency”, some food for the road, and water. By many I mean enough, as babies (after a certain age) and drink water, and often need to stay hydrated.
Interior temperature

It is desirable that the baby does not pass too hot or too cold. That is, if we put the air conditioning, as is normal in summer, we must ensure that it is at a comfortable temperature for adults, but especially for the baby. The child restraint system can give much heat, and if you get too cold air can easily catch cold.
General Safety Tips

The baby is always securely in SRI. It is advisable to carry the car seat in position against displacement, ie, with the baby facing backwards. This is because in case of collision, your head would be protected by his own chair. It is currently recommended to maintain that position until the nine months, but the term is studied increased to three years (still not entirely clear).

Toys and entertainment, yes, but with caution. It’s good to bring some entertainment in the car, but we must carry loose items that may pose a collision danger. It is best to go back entertaining adult baby everything possible.

Stop every two hours, or when the baby needs. Babies get tired more, but mostly bored. It is convenient when you need to stop, and not spend too much time in the car. We are not in a race, but a journey of pleasure and vacation, so we should all have fun, and bring your best. We take to make “stints” longer if the baby sleeps, but if he’s awake and uncomfortable, the first thing he is. There’s no rush.

Always be patient and know that babies are not quite ready to make large amounts of miles. You can travel with them, but keep in mind that tired, bored, need to leave the car, see something new, be in arms, … Go ready to eat is best, but mostly patience and remain calm is essential for the trip not be an ordeal.

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