Why To Avoid Pesticides During The Course Of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy along with pesticides goes on to pose a lot of questions and this is for a good reason though. When there is a significant amount of exposure of pesticides to adults, children or expectant mothers it indeed is a major cause of concern. Ants, gardens or cockroaches are some of the major reasons why pregnant woman goes on to spray pesticides all over the house. So the message is loud and clean that is you need to avoid pesticides during pregnancy on all counts.

avoid pesticides during pregnancy

One of the main reasons in relation to pesticides is that they are known to contain chemicals which have an impact on the nervous system. So during the first stages of pregnancy when the nervous system of the baby is developing, obviously you would want to avoid contact with pesticides at this point of time for sure. Some studies have point to the fact there is an increased chance of exposure to pesticides during the first 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy when the neural tube is in a developing stage. Say for example if you are pregnant and you go on to live in an agricultural area where there is widespread use of pesticides, it is advised that you go on to restrict your exposure to such form of chemicals in the first place. The golden rule that needs to be followed is that women should go on to avoid pesticides at all costs during the stage of pregnancy.

Most of the toxins in the pesticides happen to be compounds which are naturally found in plants. Though they are a lot healthier the terms organic as well as natural cannot be considered to be better or safe. All the chemicals, even the natural ones have the ability in them to cause harm if they are not handled in a proper manner. Make it a point that you go through all the readings on the labels before you go on to handle the pesticides.

Some tips to protect against pesticides

  • At no point of time you should go on to use pesticides, during pregnancy near your home. You need to keep your children away from areas which have recently been affected with pesticides.
  • If you are a pregnant woman and live in an agricultural area, then consider moving away from the area till the course of your pregnancy is over.
  • If you cannot afford to go on and find organic produce for yourself, avoid foods which has a significant chance of exposure to pesticide
  • At no point should you panic if you have realized that you have been exposed to pesticide. The real risk comes from long term exposure or intense exposure. If you treat your dogs to fleas and there is an exposure to pesticides then the risk to you is on the lesser side

To sum it up, the effects of pesticides are immense and it would be a good idea to avoid the exposure to it during pregnancy.

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