Wireless Buds, Lose The Cable Not The Sound

We all have Bluetooth headphones, we have seen it, heard it and most probably own one of these awesome and nifty gadgets. Gone are the days where people think you are “weird” mumbling to yourself, practically everyone right now has gone wireless. Before there is also the concern of the loss of sound quality because of the limited capacities of Bluetooth to transmit high-quality audio wirelessly. That is not the case today, advances in Bluetooth wireless audio transmission actually enable even High Fidelity audio signals to be transmitted wirelessly. The best wireless earphones ┬áhas this feature enabled. In addition to sound quality, another worry is that because of the small size, batteries might drain too fast to be of practical use.

Battery technology has also improved quite dramatically in the past few years batteries now are smaller yet has higher capacity than ever. Not only that, but Bluetooth technology requires very little energy, maximizing your power source. Battery nor Sound Quality is no longer an issue with today’s Bluetooth earbuds. In fact, most phone manufacturers now have completely removed the wired headphone jack from their phones. These manufacturers opted for wireless connectivity over wires. ┬áLet us take a look at what really separates these Wireless earphones from others of similar, yet wired, functionality.

Cutting the Wires

Perhaps the biggest and most visible change would be the absence of wires. This by itself is a huge marketing advantage over the traditional “wired” earbuds. Personal experience has found these cables the most irritating thing that you have to put up with just to have sound. Having no wires makes these devices perfect for those who workout, or just plain work. These are also great for cycling or while you do some work around the house. even those who work at construction sites will surely appreciate the convenience of having no wires tangling anything at all.

Work and Play

Another thing is that these Bluetooth wireless earbuds are designed for mobile devices, almost all of them have directional and sensitive microphones so that you can use them for calls as well. There is no need to take them off or do anything, they will simply switch to “call” mode when somebody is calling. This is especially nice when getting a call while you are driving. Usually, they also come with cases that double as battery packs, allowing you to charge your earbuds for up to 5 times on a single case charge.

Multiple Compatibility

Compatibility is another wonderful thing about these new earbuds, they can be paired with almost any Bluetooth enabled device that has audio. You can pair them to your TV, your car, your desktop or your laptop. Multi compatibility is a huge bonus as you no longer have to carry several audio gear with you when you travel. Before choosing your Bluetooth Earbuds, ensure that the device you will pair with it has a good and updated bluetooth software. If you are sensitive about sound quality, look for devices that have APTX technology on their bluetooth, this would allow wireless transmission of lossless codec music. These files are what audiophiles use to play their music.

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