Youtube And The Comments Of Google Plus: The Perfect Combination

Youtube comments are part of the social layer Google Plus since last November 6. Google wants all of its customers’ relational information to be in one place: Google Plus

We already know that Google is not the Devil (Don’t be the Evil) but … Googleplex is Mordor? Do we need a Hobbit to save us from the one that is falling with the unique ring that Google+ is becoming? Some questions have come up to me as a result of this update, it may also be yours …

Why are you asking for a Google+ account to comment on YouTube?

From now on to comment on YouTube you need to have an account on Google Plus. Your comments will be those of your user or your Google Plus page. You can also comment from your user of your YouTube channel, but this must be associated with a profile or a Google Plus page.

Can I put anonymous comments on YouTube that are not visible on Google Plus?

When you put a comment you can tell if this you want to be published on your Google Plus profile or only seen on YouTube. You can define the privacy of this message on YouTube by using the same Google Plus privacy system, circles. So you can publish your comment so that you can see a certain circle of friends, that is public, or all the possible options offered by Google Plus.

How do Google Plus comments work on YouTube?

Now when you share a Youtube video on Google Plus, the comment you share it with appears in the comments of the video on the Youtube platform, with the same privacy that you have shared. Comments that you have placed on Google Plus will appear as nested comments to the initial comment you made when you published it on Google Plus. Google has made an integration of the comments since the beginning of Google Plus in July 2011, so if you shared a video months ago, now those comments are on the YouTube platform, as well as the comments made by your contacts when you published it on Google Plus.

Yes and no.

Yes. You need a Google Plus account to get youtube comments, so Google will be able to track you.

No. If you want to make the troll, you can always create a new Google Plus account for a single use and troll it until Google cancels it.

No. You can always create a new Google Plus account, create a Google Plus page with the name you want, and associate this page as the Google Plus profile behind your YouTube channel. You will not be anonymous to Google, although for those who visit your channel.

What are the comments of Google Plus on YouTube?

It gives you privacy, to be able to share your comments with whoever you want, not only in a public way, through the use of Google Plus circles. Although it is contradictory, it provides real users, with names and surnames, with a lot of relational information about who their friends are, their tastes, their habits … fresh material to be able to sell more and better publicity … but of course this only for Google, and those that Advertise with Google.


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